Validating Good Data for Successful Algorithm Application

Validating Good Data for Successful Algorithm Application

CertScan IQ performs a quality check on data to maintain the integrity of fast moving inspection operations.
October 25th, 20231 minute read
Validating Good Data for Successful Algorithm Application

A lot of systems integrated into one leave open the possibility for vulnerabilities. Before algorithms can be applied to sensor or text data, ensuring their quality meets the same standards as when the algorithm was developed is prudent. If the data is not on par it can result in:

higher false results

low trust of the inspection and

increased workloads overall

There is a way to mitigate these issues: apply a pre-algorithm data quality check.

In a fast paced operational workflow simultaneous activities should not be hindered by bad data. With continuous data monitoring implementing algorithms into your inspection process will:

Decrease probability of a biased classification

Determine algorithm performance issues

Identify drifts in algorithm performance

As inspection algorithms become mainstream, assessing the current state of sensor hardware and data systems is paramount. Is leaving your inspection operation at the mercy of unchecked AI good enough to carry your program into the future?

If the answer is no, you must consider the opportunity to evaluate the data before an algorithm is applied. Implement a data quality check into the workflow that will ensure your inspections are performing at the highest levels.

Written by
Melissa Odegaard
October 25th, 2023


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