Using the same methods, processes and tools from successful security screening operations.


S2 Global delivers recruitment and training programs for security professionals through S2 University.

Our training programs ensure that  your personnel are motivated and prepared from day one for the real world challenges they will face. Our training staff are technology and operational experts in the security field, many with prior backgrounds in government agencies. We develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer – whatever the language, whatever the location, whatever the inspection requirement.

S2 Global’s pre-recruitment assessment tools identify the best qualified candidates. During training, the S2’s Learning Management Software is updated with real world inspection data – not simulations. Students learn how to operate, install and service the latest advanced screening technologies and how to perform advanced image analysis – and receive continuous assessment and testing of their skills to ensure their readiness. The results are a dramatic enhancement in staff productivity and readiness.

To realize significant benefits, S2 Global’s programs are based on field-proven, unique principles including:

Real data, not simulations: S2 Global uses image and data from real-world inspection situations – not simulations. The result: training that is as close to actual work experience as possible.
Expert trainers with operational experience: S2 Global instructors have decades of experience operating security systems.
End-to-end approach: S2 Global offers a unique online learning system at where students can complete certificate programs and become experts in their field.
Flexible Delivery Options: Combining expert trainers, leading-edge curriculums, and an online learning system, S2 Global can deliver a training package tailored to your needs.

Visit our training website at S2 University to learn how S2 Global’s training team can help your organization achieve its goals.